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About Me

I am a lifelong fantasy player looking to provide you with an edge.

Ever since I can remember I have been playing fantasy sports, particularly football. It started back in middle school when me and my group of friends started our first league (still running to this day). We picked some settings and let the computers auto-draft our teams (not recommended). Then, for the next four months, we would check them everyday at lunch, study hall, or whenever we could sneak to the library (no smartphones in our pockets at this time). We loved trading, trash-talking and having a good time. Nothing felt better than beating your friend on Sunday night and coming in to school Monday morning and rubbing it in their face, except maybe coming from behind with Monday Night Miracle and celebrating Tuesday.

Fast-forward eighteen years or so and is that camaraderie that has kept us together since we graduated. But not only has it kept me in touch with these friends, but also the people I met along the way, whether it be coworkers, family or new friends, fantasy sports is what keeps us talking, even if it is just for four months of the year.

I went to school for statistical analysis/ mathematics (Actuarial Science, if we are being exact) and ever since my strategy for fantasy football has taken off. I love to gobble up every bit of analysis I can find and eventually started performing my own research on the side. While on furlough I decided to start my own website and share that information.

Whether you just want to beat your friends, coworkers, family, spouse, children, whoever; let me help you do it.

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